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  • Avatar

    No funciona el programa en el teléfono objetivo

  • Avatar

    No me funciona el programa deseo devolverlo porque ninguno de ustedes me da soluciones

  • Avatar
    Benjamin Gallardo

    since yesterday I don't have informattion from the target phone

  • Avatar
    Noelia Carnota Gundin

    No me funciona el programa.

  • Avatar
    cristian vasquez

    Revisar 6024815665

  • Avatar

    Can I remotely activate keylog keyboard. I forgot to activate it and now the phone is far away from me

  • Avatar
    José Ailton

    Não consigo entrar no programa Premium, já pago, há vários dias; quando é pra vender, tudo é fácil, mas quando se compra, não consigo iniciar o programa; falta o passo a passo para o cliente; a senha é impossível de entrar!

  • Avatar

    Nesecito ayuda el número que estan rastreando es el mio no el del ojectivo

  • Avatar
    sandra melo

    Comprei ontem e até agora não recebi nada no meu email...estou preocupada...cadê o suporte bilingüe 24 hs da propaganda?

  • Avatar
    Gilda Armenta

    I am continously having issues with mSpy updating information, it's been almost 46 hours and this issue has NOT been resolved! I don't understand why no one is helping me!
    The Device Management is displaying:

    mSpy version: 4.12.11
    Last updated time:
    09/09/2015 11:40 PM.

    It's been close to 2 days now and not one update. Also, the Geo-Fencing is not updating. It does not display location in which I have saved as forbidden or allowed. I know this device has entered a few domains that are listed but not displaying nor not receiving notifications as I normally did before.
    In one response below it states changes/updates are in the new software version I've tried everything add instructed and I still have 4.12.11. What can I do to receive the newer version. I have tried different search engines, listed below, and still same results. I've also tried texting 777 and dialed the code 240470 on the device. I've completed everything as requested. I even downloaded new search engines with no history. Please help. Below are the new search engines i have downloaded:
    Next Browser
    Internet Explorer
    Fire Fox
    Opera Mini
    Duck Duck Go

  • Avatar
    Raul Pva

    Quiero dar de baja el servicio

  • Avatar
    Trina Carranza

    When do I spy on the tractor phone

  • Avatar
    Aurelia Favela6

    I have a feeling that my fiance is cheating on me because his is always at the phone and i found some txt of different girls

  • Avatar

    كيف اتابع رسايل الواتس

  • Avatar

    This thing doesn't work

  • Avatar

    I didn't receive the program until now???

  • Avatar
    damaris ramos

    Cómo debo hacerlo me pueden explicar paso a paso por favor.

  • Avatar
    Billy Stone

    I'm not getting any updates from the remote device. It has been 10 days now and I have gotten nothing. Thanks

  • Avatar

    환불하여 주시요

  • Avatar
    Claudia mayorga


  • Avatar
    David Molina

    I haven't got any updates in three days?

  • Avatar
    Carmen Gomez

    Hola, pero si rooteo el celular se perderá toda la información del celular como fotos, contactos y más o no. Y como le hace el team viewer para poder rootear el teléfono remotamente, cuanto tiempo les tomaría rootearlo. Compre el servicio de que te ayudan por teléfono pero no contestan no se porque. Y me pueden ayudar a rootear 2 celulares remotamente? Y si quiero rootear el celular me tengo que poner de acuerdo a que hora me gustaría rootearlo o como?

  • Avatar

    Ola sou nova por aqui, acabei de fazer a compra mas nao entendi como faço para começar a ultilizar o programa.
    Alguem por favor pode me ajudar?
    Pois nao tem nenhum passo a passo explicando e todas as paginas estao em ingles sem opçao de traduçao.

  • Avatar
    Nurul Jannah

    feed back photo

  • Avatar

    It says if need u can remotely set up on target phone from your end is this correct or not

  • Avatar
    Rich Collins

    Apple security has made this programs useless it seems.
    Someone on chat told me to shit my account down until its resolved.
    Not good!

  • Avatar

    Olá...como faço para começar a usar o programa? As páginas estão em inglês

  • Avatar
    Tom Reinke

    I still wait for my details :(

  • Avatar

    Does this program work on HTC U 11 mobile .. Android 7

  • Avatar

    Não consigo instalar o app no note 5 Samsung

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