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Lost Connection with Android Device

In case you are not receiving any updated for more than 24 hours from the target Android device, most probably, you must be seeing the following picture in the Dashboard section on your mSpy account:


We recommend you to send a usual text message (SMS) to the target device from any other phone number.

The message needs to contain the following symbols: 1000000 

You can add any text if you want to. The message will refresh the connection with mSpy and force it to send new logs, in case the phone is switched on and has a stable Wi-Fi connection

If the 1000000 message did not work, and you are sure that the target device had the Wi-Fi connection when it received the message, then mSpy was most likely disabled either by antivirus or by cleaner software. Unfortunately, the only way to re-establish the monitoring of the Android target device is to reinstall the mSpy app on the target device manually.

Please be so kind as to follow this guide to re-install mSpy.

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