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Uninstallation of mSpy on Android Devices

In order to remove mSpy from the target device please go to Settings -> Security -> Device administrators:

(for Samsung: Settings -> Lock screen & Security -> Other security settings -> Device administrators - disable 'Update service'.)
(for Huawei: Settings -> Advanced settings -> Security -> Device Administrators - > disable/turn OFF 'Update Service')
(for Xiaomi: Settings -> Additional settings -> Privacy -> Device Administrators - > disable/turn OFF 'Update Service'


Go back to Settings -> Apps/Application manager -> find and uninstall 'Update service'.


The mSpy app is now uninstalled on the target phone. Now login to your mSpy account -> go to the tab called Device management (the last tab in the left-hand side list) and hit the red button 'Re-install'. This button will unlink the target phone from your mSpy account.

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