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No Access to Target Device

If you want to monitor an Android device please note that you will need to obtain physical access over the target phone.

- The device screen should not be locked with a PIN (or you should know how to unlock it);
- The device should have access to Internet connection;
- Up to 10 minutes of physical access to the target device for successful installation.

Please click here to check the full installation guide for Android devices.

If you want to monitor an iPhone/iPad you can set up mSpy monitoring remotely using Apple ID and password from the iCloud account connected to the target iPhone/iPad.

In order to do that, please log in to your mSpy account here -> select the 'Device Management' tab in the left-hand side list -> select 'iPhone/iPad (without jailbreak)' -> hit 'Proceed' -> scroll down to the very bottom of the page and hit 'Proceed' -> enter Apple ID and password -> hit 'Verify'. Select the backup with the recent date that corresponds to the device you want to monitor and hit 'Proceed' -> then hit 'Finish'.

Please note that physical access may be required to the target iPhone/iPad if the automatic iCloud backup is turned off and the two-factor authentication is turned on.

Please click here to check the full installation video guide. 

If you do not have the access to your child's phone, just for you we have an awesome option - Account Freeze! If you don't have the access to the device you want to monitor at the moment, we can freeze your account until you get access to it. This will give you a chance to remain our client and you will not lose even a day of your subscription.

When you have access to the device, you'll just need to contact us via LiveChat or by phone and we will unfreeze your account!


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